National Road Safety Week

This week is National Road Safety Week, and with TAC being great supporters of local footy and giving us $10k in funding last year, we want to repay the favour by promoting road safety at our Club.

Every year, approximately 1200 people are killed and another 44,000 are seriously injured on Australian roads. These numbers are preventable if we all “drive so others survive!”⁠

So this weekend on your way to footy, remember these safe driving tips:⁠

  • Plan your schedule with extra time for traffic disruptions⁠
  • If you feel tired, take a 15 minute power nap before driving⁠
  • Set your phone to do not disturb while driving⁠

    You can also commit to safe driving by taking the road safety pledge today!

    For more information on road safety, check out our road safety highlights reel above, or visit TAC or VicRoads for safe driving tips.⁠

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