National Volunteer Week

Today is the start of National Volunteer Week, a chance to recognise the the vital work of all the volunteers that contribute to SMFNC and say thank you.

Volunteering brings people together and build communities like our SMFNC community. We are #bettertogether 😃

We can all agree that this Club would not be the same without your continued dedication every single week, and we all want to send you a huge THANK YOU!

Club Vice President Fiona Hocking also shared her thanks for all the volunteers at the Club.

“This week is so important as it is a chance to stop and thank the many, many people who make time in their busy lives to give back to the community by volunteering at our Club.”

“We are so grateful for their ongoing commitment to our SMFNC community, and know that keeping this club going simply would not be possible without them.”

“Whether it is helping in the canteen, making Thursday night meals, participating in the Committee, or carrying water on game day, each volunteer has made a difference and we sincerely thank you.”

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