SMFNC participates in the Pat Cronin Round

St Mary’s Football and Netball Club is proud to be supporting the Pat Cronin Foundation across this weekend’s round of matches.

The Pat Cronin Foundation was formed in 2016 following the death of 19-year old Pat due to a coward punch.

Pat had just finished playing his first senior game of football at Lower Plenty alongside his big brother and was out for a few quiet drinks with his mates.

Unfortunately, when Pat stepped in to remove his friend from a brawl, it was Pat that was hit with a coward punch.

While we have a come a long way from brawls at the footy being an exciting attraction at games, negative attitudes still exist, and violence is still prevalent in sport where emotions are often high.

The Pat Cronin Foundation has been working to end the coward punch and reduce violence, but they need everyone’s support to achieve this goal.

Club President Mark Stanley shared why St Mary’s support the Pat Cronin Foundation.

“People look to sports clubs as leaders in the community, and we need to play our role in spreading the Foundation’s message and ultimately reduce violence in communities.”

“We want to be a club that embodies respect, speaks up when something is wrong, and always display good sportsmanship, and that’s why we are supporting the Pat Cronin Foundation this weekend.”

Our players will be wearing yellow armbands this weekend to honour Pat’s memory and show our support for the Pat Cronin Foundation.

Be wise. Think carefully. Act Kindly.

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