Message from the President: Let’s make a play for road safety

Hi everyone,⁠

SMFNC support TAC’s vision of no deaths or serious injuries on our roads, and that’s why we are asking everyone to actively participate in our TAC Club Rewards road safety campaign this year.⁠

Everyone plays a role in road safety; we can only move toward a future where every journey is safe if we all play out part.⁠

There are many factors which can cause driving to become unsafe and last year we focused on drink driving. Despite challenges from the pandemic, we still all came together and did an incredible job promoting road safety which saw us rewarded with $10,000 from TAC. This year we are highlighting distracted driving, and I am confident we can earn the $10k again.

Keeping your eyes on the road is essential for safe driving. But when you look at your phone, you’re oblivious to what’s around you. In fact, at 50km per hour, even a 2 second glance at your phone means you’ll travel up to 28 metres blind.⁠

​This is why we are asking all St Mary’s players and supporters to make a commitment to turn on do not disturb before getting behind the wheel by making a pledge here.

⁠You will also have access to an updated version of our road safety hub, and see us share tips and advice on driving safely in the coming weeks.

Despite it seeming like an easy task we do nearly every day, driving is complex and requires decision-making and total concentration. Mobile phones can be a physical distraction, by causing you to remove your hand from the steering wheel or a cognitive distraction, caused by lapses in attention and judgement.⁠

According to TAC, drivers are 10 times more at risk of crashing if they are texting, browsing, or emailing on their phone.⁠

So the answer is simple, turn your phone on do not disturb before getting behind the wheel.⁠

​Thanks for your commitment to creating a safer community.⁠

Stay safe,⁠
Mark Stanley⁠
Club President⁠

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