17 players join the Push for Better challenge to support mental health!

The Push-Up challenge has officially kicked off today and we have an incredible 17 players signed up to raise awareness for mental health!⁠

Each day, the players will do a different amount of push-ups based on a mental health statistic. ⁠

The first one is 74 push ups to represent the 74% of pet owners that reported an improvement in mental health because of a pet.⁠

Check out the below to see some pics of our very own SMFNC pets that we all love seeing around the club and at games!⁠

While the boys have already smashed their $500 goal, please remember to keep donating here!

Special thanks to Jack Dean for organising the team, and to all 17 players now signed up: Sam Mitrovski, Nick Dean, Tom Hardy, Dempsey Mills, Raygan Tate, Liam Fyffe, Samuel Pretner, Milan Todorovic, Dan Castagninini, Marcus Taranto, Adam Lucci, Cooper Bruce, Nick Gedge, Huon MacHibbon, Mitch Lee, and Lockie Potter⁠.

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