TAC Club Rewards 2023: Playing it safe on the roads

TAC Victoria & AFL Victoria Club Rewards is back for another year!

Join us in promoting road safety and help us earn our club up to $10,000.

At St Mary’s we believe in creating safer roads for everyone, but we need your support to make a difference in our community. Together, we can raise awareness about road safety and save lives.

Here’s how you can help us reach our goal and contribute to a safer community:

  1. Spread the word: Share our posts and let your friends, family, and followers know about TAC Club Rewards.
  2. Follow us: Stay updated on our road safety initiatives, tips, and events.
  3. Engage with our content: Like, comment, and share our road safety messages
  4. Share your tips and experiences using #TACClubRewards and #SMFNC

    Remember, every action you take helps us get closer to $10,000.

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