Standing in Solidarity: Supporting the Pat Cronin Foundation

It was great to see our players supporting the Pat Cronin Foundation Round on the weekend by wearing a yellow armband.

Our decision to wear yellow arm bands during the game was a tribute to Pat and a powerful symbol of solidarity with the Foundation and our community.

The Pat Cronin Round is an annual event that honors the life of Pat Cronin, a young man in the local community who tragically lost his life to a one-punch attack in 2016. Pat was a keen sportsman and a beloved member of the community and Lower Plenty Football Club, and his passing had a profound impact on everyone who knew him.

The Pat Cronin Foundation was established in his memory to raise awareness about the dangers of one-punch attacks and to promote a culture of respect and responsibility among young people. The Pat Cronin Round is one of the Foundation’s major initiatives, and it aims to bring together local football clubs and communities to celebrate Pat’s life and legacy.

We are proud to be a Club that values respect, and good sportsmanship and we will strive to continue to spread the Foundation’s message within our community.

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