Volunteers needed

Are you a true St Mary’s supporter? Prove it by volunteering for the club this season!

As a not-for-profit club we rely on our incredible community to keep the club running. Without volunteers, it would simply not be possible. That’s why we’re asking more people to get involved this year.

Details are below on current volunteer vacancies. Contact Greg Hanlon or Terry Derham if you can assist.

Umpire Escort
Number required: 3 per week (one for each men’s game)
Dates required: Saturday 15 April to Saturday 19 August
Commitment: Can volunteer to do just one or two weeks etc.
Job description: Walk umpires between the ground and club rooms at the start and end of each quarter.

Temporary Team Managers
Number required: 1 x Senior Men and 1 x Reserves
Dates Required: 22 April, 29 April, 6 May and 20 May
Commitment: Preferred if you can commit to all dates
Job description: Preparing and submitting team sheets to the umpire, preparing drinks and lollies each week, distributing officials clothing (coach armband, runner tops, umpire escort) and liaising with the water boy.

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