International Women’s Day 2023

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate and recognise the achievements of women in all fields globally.⁠

This year’s theme is #Embraceequity and we encourage everyone to take action within your own sphere of influence by challenging stereotypes, calling out discrimination, and drawing attention to bias.⁠

Club Vice President Fiona Hocking shared the importance of IWD at St Mary’s.⁠

“Women are traditionally underrepresented in sports, not just on the field but also in leadership positions.”⁠

“At St Mary’s we are committed to improving gender equality across our club and know we can always do better. However, we will only create positive change if we are all in it together.”⁠

“That’s why we’re asking all the men, women, and non-binary people at our club to take action this football and netball season to create a truly diverse and inclusive club.”

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