St Mary’s scores big: $5k for promoting road safety!

We are excited to announce that once again we have secured funding from TAC Victoria and AFL Victoria as part of the Club Rewards Program.⁠

We know our players and supporters spend a lot of time on the road attending games and training, and we hope our campaign this year has helped make their journey’s more safe.⁠

Fiona Hocking, Club Vice President, shared how grateful the Club is for this vital support.⁠

“We are so pleased that our Club’s commitment to improving road safety has been recognised again by TAC Victoria this year.”⁠

“Local sporting clubs play a huge role in the community but require dedicated support and funding to keep going, and it’s organisations who understand this like TAC Victoria that give us the support we need through the Club Rewards Program.”⁠

“This $5,000 will be very helpful in assisting us to reach our 2023 goals, and we wish to pass on our sincere thanks to TAC Victoria, AFL Victoria, and all our players and supporters who have been part of the journey toward safer roads in our community.”⁠

Read the full media statement and view the list of recipients here.

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