Recognising R U OK? Day 2022

Today is R U OK? Day.

This year’s theme is ‘No qualifications needed’ and reminds all of us that we have what it takes to support our family and friends who may be struggling with life’s ups and downs.

This theme is in response to research that found four in ten Australians feel asking someone “are you OK?” is a conversation better had with an expert.

However, R U OK? want you to know you don’t need qualifications to have an R U OK? conversation.

Listening and giving someone your time might be just what they need to help them through.

Fiona Hocking, Vice President, shared the importance of R U OK? Day at a sporting club.

“Sporting clubs are a big part of the community, so it is important that we ensure everyone feels connected and supported.”

“We want our club to be a physically and emotionally safe environment built on trust and respect.”

“However, building that culture isn’t down to one person, it’s a team effort.”

“That’s why we encourage everyone to engage with the R U OK? resources and find the confidence to check in with someone in our community who may be doing it tough.”

“Whether you’re a supporter of our club, a player, or volunteer, everyone has a role to play in building an R U OK? culture.”

More information is available at

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