SMFNC Participates in Road Safety Round

This weekend St Mary’s are participating in TAC and AFL Victoria’s Road Safety Round.

As of the 28th June 2022 we have lost 124 lives on our roads in Victoria. This has already increased to 131 people. 131 too many. Last year, even with statewide lockdowns and a decrease in the amount of drivers on the road, 232 lives were lost on Victorians roads.

That’s why this weekend we will be banding together by wearing a blue armband. This new armband is a reminder we all have someone to drive safely for. Whether it’s your mother, your mate, your sister, your son or your entire team; whether it’s someone who is here, or someone who is no longer with us.

The band contains a QR code that can be scanned to see a number of videos from Victorians talking about their reason for wearing the band, and everyone is invited to share their own reason on their socials.

The aim is to use these armbands to help create awareness and encourage community discussion about our mission to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

It takes all of us to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on our roads. Making this a reality will only be possible if we all work together and play our part by driving safely.

Everyone is also encouraged to complete the TAC Road Safety Survey.

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