NAIDOC Week: Take a look at our NAIDOC Round guernsey!

We are very excited to share our Women’s NAIDOC Round guernsey!⁠

These have been designed by Alicia Arden, in collaboration with her sister Julie Arden, and St Mary’s players Cheryle Arden and Judhil Canendo (pictured below).⁠

The four women worked together to create a unique design that reflects the Club’s local area and their own cultures. ⁠

The water lines running through the centre of the jumper represent the Plenty River which surrounds Whatmough Park, done in a teal colour to represent the Club.⁠

The footprints in the ‘V’ of the jumper represent our players and all their hard work at training and on game day each week.⁠

Toward the bottom of the jumper is a symbol representing the field, with footprints on the ground representing the players, Indigenous symbols for males and females in the middle representing the coaches Troy and Hayden Bickerton, and team manager Jessie Bickerton, and finally around the edge shows all the supporters.⁠

Lastly, there is a black cockatoo and an owl, which are the totems of Cheryle and Judhil’s clans.⁠

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