“It is volunteers like Liz that are the lifeblood of this Club” – Liz Mace’s St Mary’s Story

To mark National Volunteer Week, we spoke with long-time St Mary’s volunteer Liz Mace.

For those that don’t know, Liz has been organising our Thursday night dinners for the last 4 years, and you can also find her husband Wayne at the Blue Oyster Can Ban at every home game!

Liz and her family first became part of the St Mary’s community in 1994, when they joined the Junior Club after deciding it was a great place for her sons to start their footy careers.

In her time at the Junior Club, Liz, and her husband Wayne, took on various administrative roles, committee positions, and were even involved in organising social events like karaoke night!

Liz and her husband were awarded Life Memberships from the Junior Club in 2002 to recongise their tremendous contribution.

After joining the Senior Club in 2009, Liz’s passion for St Mary’s saw her jump straight in to help out which was much needed in the brand new Club.

While she has helped out across a host of jobs in her time, she has been helping out with Thursday night dinners since she joined. Initially helping with the cleaning, she has now been organising and preparing our delicious dinners for the last 4 years, and shows no signs of stopping even though her sons have retired from footy!

Speaking of her long-standing relationship with St Mary’s, Liz shared why she continues to volunteer at the Club.

“I just believe that you should give back to the community if you can, and volunteering somewhere you love certainly makes it a lot easier!”

“I love it at St Mary’s; it has a great atmosphere and there are terrific people here.”

Club President Mark Stanley thanked Liz and shared how valuable all our volunteers are to the Club.

“Liz is an incredibly valuable part of our Club, and it is volunteers like Liz that are the lifeblood of this Club.”

“Her dedication and generosity every week of every season, embodies what we value at St Mary’s, and there certainly wouldn’t be Thursday night dinners without her!”

“The selfless commitment of all our regular volunteers is incredible, and we cannot thank them enough for their support.” 

If you are interested in volunteering with Liz, sign up here!

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