Taking the bloody oath on World Red Cross Day

Today is World Red Cross Day.⁠

The theme is #BeHumanKind which encourages everyone to participate in acts of kindness to combat the tough years we have all experienced.⁠

While there are many acts of kindness, one thing you can do it #takethebloodyoath and make a blood donation.

Three blood donations are needed every minute, and with people still unwell and isolating many blood donation appointments have been cancelled resulting in blood shortages for people that need life-saving donations.⁠

There will be a blood donation challenge between local football and netball clubs later in the year, so why not start our tally now and get a head start on the other clubs?⁠

Senior Co-Captain Nick Gedge has already started and donated earlier this year!⁠

Just remember to tell them on the day, or when you book online that you are donating for St May’s Football and Netball Club!⁠

Our nearest donation centre is in Bundoora and you can make a booking here.⁠

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