Questions about volunteering at the Club?

Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about volunteering in the kitchen, bar, or canteen.

Why do I need to volunteer?
⁠We are a community Club and not-for-profit organisation, so having a canteen and Thursday dinners are vital to the club having enough money to operate. However, we can only continue to offer these services and run the Club if everyone contributes.⁠

Currently there are only a small group of volunteers helping out. For example, the same 2 people have been running the Blue Oyster bar at each home game for 5 years now, and for those working in the canteen it means working for 8 hours on Saturday and not even getting to watch their kids play footy.

If everyone contributes to the Club, we can have short 2 hour shifts in the canteen and everyone can also have a chance to watch and enjoy the game.

Even if you can only do one shift for the season, it would be much appreciated.⁠

How much time do I need to give?
2 hours in the canteen and 3 hours for Thursday night dinner.

Do I have to do any cooking in the canteen?
No cooking required! Pies and sausage rolls are in the warmer and dimmies ready in the steamer. At most you may have to put together a schnitzel roll or hamburger, but the schnitzels and burgers are already cooked and ready in the bain marie.

Can I help in the bar without an RSA?
Yes. While you can’t serve drinks, you can help with collecting empty glasses, putting them in the dish washer, and putting clean glasses back out at the bar.

How do I get involved?
You can easily sign up online and pick a date and shift time!
Thursday meals:

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