SMFNC join St Mary’s Junior Club at their Open Day!

Today, players and members from our Club were thrilled to be involved in St Mary’s Junior Football Club Open Day, and assist with their combine activities!⁠

Mark Stanley, Club President, shared⁠ how great it was to be part of this day!

“We were all excited to be part of this day, and can’t wait to work with the Junior Club more throughout the year.”⁠

“Most of our senior players have come through the Junior Club, so they are passionate about having a strong connection to the Junior Club, and helping young players transition to senior football with us.”⁠

“We hope that all the junior players had a fantastic day, and that we see many of these kids as part of the Senior Club one day!”⁠

Thank you to all the Senior players and members that helped out:⁠

– Mark Stanley, Club President⁠
– Jessie Bickerton, Senior Women’s Team Manager⁠
– Ebony Clayton, Senior Women’s Captain⁠
– Nick Gedge, Senior Men’s Captain⁠
– Patrick Carbis⁠
– Joe Bergman⁠
– Jack Dean⁠
– Connor Kissan⁠e⁠
– Noah Stanley⁠

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