“Nick is looked highly upon by his team mates and coaches, and it’s not hard to see why.” – Nick Gedge’s St Mary’s Story

Current Senior co-captain Nick Gedge, joined St Mary’s Junior Club back when he was 8 years old in tackers.

At the end of his junior career, Nick didn’t hesitate to join the St Mary’s Senior Club in 2013. His senior career kicked off with a bang, and he placed second in the club U19s Best & Fairest, before winning it in 2014 following the club’s very first premiership!

His natural talent and skill stood out, and Nick played his first senior game within 12 months of joining the senior club, becoming a permanent part of the senior team in 2015. By 2018, he had the chance to play in his first Senior premiership, and was named as part of our club Team of the Decade (2009-2018) on the half forward flank.

The success didn’t stop there, and Nick has continued to be a skilful and valuable player today – 9 years since joining the club!

In 2021, Nick assumed the co-captaincy role in the Senior time, and placed fifth in the club Best & Fairest which is an incredible feat given he only played six games due to injury and COVID-19.

Head Senior Coach, Fab Carelli, shared how valuable Nick is to St Mary’s.

“Nick is looked highly upon by his team mates and coaches, and it’s not hard to see why.”

“He has been an outstanding contributor to the footy club since I arrived as coach in 2018.  His commitment to the club and his team mates is second to none where he’s always shown qualities of selflessness for a team first attitude.”

“ He has always had great leadership skills and they were rewarded last year being instilled as a Co-Captain of the senior team.”

“He has great ability to build rapport with all players and coaches going above and beyond to help others underpinning his leadership skills as well being a fantastic contributor as a player on the field.”

Nick has also played a key role in building a great culture off the field, and often participates in events with other players, including captaining the winning Gracie’s Gift charity cricket side.

With his senior career still going strong, Nick has no plans on leaving St Marys:

“I play at St Mary’s for the amazing friendships that I made in the junior club that have carried into the senior club.”

“The sense of mateship, community, and a grounded yet competitive environment gives me no thought to ever leave.”

“In my opinion, I am in the best young club in the Northern Football and Netball League.”

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