Long time junior team mates win first SMFNC premiership

This week are are taking a look back at our first ever football premiership in 2014, where the U19s defeated Hurstbridge by 22 points at Preston City Oval!⁠

The winning team was made up of 42 players, with 37 of them coming up from Colts together from our junior club.

Unfortunately many of the players had just missed out on a grand final after losing their preliminary final in their last year of Colts in 2013. ⁠

Luckily, the Senior Club could provide a pathway for these players and their families to continue their friendships, and of course enjoy a premiership win together!⁠

Even more incredible is that many of these players still play in our Seniors and Reserves teams today, including:⁠

– Nick Gedge⁠
– Joe Bergman⁠
– Daniel Castagnini⁠
– Nic Daisley⁠
– Jake Dambrauskas⁠
– Nick Dean⁠
– Jordan DuPont⁠
– Lachie Potter⁠
– Aaron Batchelor⁠
– Ben Batchelor⁠
– Cruz Bradshaw⁠
– James Girolami⁠
– Mitchell Lee⁠

The team was also coached by long time St Mary’s player Ben Joyce, who still coaches at St Mary’s today!⁠

Football Director Greg Hanlon shared how amazing it is that these players have ⁠stuck together.⁠

“How fantastic it is that our club has evolved largely as an extension of our junior club.”⁠

“Unlike many other clubs, we have developed our junior talent, rather than sourcing ready made, experienced players and we are now poised to enjoy the rewards that come with a very close and united team.”⁠

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