St Mary’s stars on the rise – Zane Costello, Tom Hardy, & Jack Cicitta’s St Mary’s Story

This week we shine the spotlight on some of the St Mary’s young guns that have come up through St Mary’s Junior Club together, before making impressive Senior debuts!⁠

Zane Costello and Tom Hardy started their footy careers in tackers together back in 2009, with mate Jack Cicitta joining them at St Mary’s Junior Football Club in 2015.⁠

The trio saw lots of junior success together playing in multiple premierships and receiving a number of accolades! Tom placed second in the league B&F in U13s, in 2017 Zane won the Colts 2 club B&F, and followed it up by making Colts 1 YJFL Team of the Year in 2018!⁠

Since joining the Senior Club in Under 19s, the three players have continued that success and become integral players at the Club, with Tom and Jack leading the U19s as co-captains this year.⁠

This year, Tom was runner up in the club U19s B&F, and Zane was awarded the coveted Rising Star Award!⁠

In 2019, Jack won the leading goal kicker in U19s award from the NFNL, making his mark as a strong forward at the club! ⁠

Not only have al three players won individual accolades, but they have all made notable performances in our Senior team. Tom and Jack made their debuts in the Seniors team this year, and after a successful debut last year, Zane played 11 games in 2021 which saw him place inside the top 10 in the Senior B&F count.⁠

Senior Coach Fab Carelli shared how excited he is to see such skilful players develop their senior footy careers at St Mary’s.⁠

“We are extremely fortunate to have so much talent coming through from the junior club who are quickly getting the opportunity to play at senior level.”⁠

“As a club, we have always looked to develop from within, creating a culture where our players have the chance to forge a strong path to becoming regular senior footballers.”⁠

“Tom and Jack performed exceptionally well in their Senior debuts this year, and Zan played some outstanding football across his 11 Senior games this season. The future looks bright for all three players.”⁠

With so much already accomplished, we can’t wait to see what these three will do next year and beyond!⁠

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