Talented Tackers to Senior Stars – Rory Hanlon & Tane Cotter’s St Mary’s Story

At St Mary’s we have always been proud of our focus on developing home grown talent, and Tane Cotter and Rory Hanlon are both outstanding examples of this commitment.⁠

Both players started at the St Mary’s Junior Club in tackers together and after a wonderful introduction to senior football as part of a tight knit group of Under 19 players and successful starts in Under 19s, Tane and Rory have quickly become key contributors to the St Mary’s Senior team.

Whilst both boys played a handful of senior games in 2019, this year marked their first year as official senior footballers and what an introduction it was. Tane took out our Senior Best & Fairest with Rory the runner up. Tane was also one of the top goal kickers in Division 2 – Seniors this year, which earned him a spot in the Team of the Year!

Both Tane and Rory were also recently recognised in the Leader’s Best Under 21 Footy Players in the Victorian Metro competition! This means they are considered two of the top 100 players across all divisions of six football leagues.

President Mark Stanley shared how proud the club is of Tane and Rory’s achievements and success at the club!

“It is incredible to see the commitment of these boys to St Mary’s, all the way from tackers to Seniors! We are glad we could provide a pathway for them to continue playing together at a place they love, and support them as they developed into outstanding Senior players.”

Rory Hanlon
Tane Cotter

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