Message from the President

Driving the road safety message home

Hi everyone,

On the weekend, we celebrated the AFL and TAC Road Safety Round which aimed to encourage active participation to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Although we didn’t get to play last weekend and wear our armbands in support, we can all still play a part off the field in road safety.

​There are many factors, which can cause driving to become unsafe, including fatigue, technology distractions or even an unsafe car, but one of the most common one factors is drink driving.

This is why we are asking all St Mary’s players and supporters to make a commitment to keeping drinking and driving apart:

Despite it seeming like an easy task we do nearly every day, driving is complex and requires decision-making and total concentration. Alcohol is a drug and can affect your perception, vision, concentration and reaction time which increases you risk of being in an accident.

According to TAC, if people avoid driving after drinking, each year 50 lives could be saved.

So the answer is simple, if you plan to drink, plan not to drive – don’t risk it!

Don’t forget to check on your mates while drinking, and speak up if you are concerned about them driving. Book a taxi or Uber, walk the 10 minutes to the Greensborough train station, or make sure you are nice to your family that day so one of them will pick you up!

Thanks for your commitment to creating a safer community.


Mark Stanley.

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