Physical Health

At St Mary’s, the health and wellbeing of our players, supporters and the wider community is paramount.

Keeping your physical health in check is critical to your mental wellbeing and ensuring you live a long and happy life!

There are many aspects that make up good physical health and we will go through just a few of them below.

Getting regular exercise

According to the Australian Government Guidelines, everyone should aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day!

One on One Football Don’t hang your boots up at the end of the season, instead stay in shape by increasing your footy skill levels with an online program or private coaching session.

Enhanced Football
Stay footy fit and improve your skills with free online drills, or paid programs including coaching and kick analysis.

Prepare like a pro
Get fitter, faster and stronger with their online strength and conditioning program, designer specifically for footy by AFL experienced strength and conditioning coach.

Fitness Blender
Work out at home for free with over 500 free videos that cover all the most popular types of training and target every muscle!

Popsugar Fitness
One of the most popular YouTube fitness channels, they offer fresh and fun workouts with a variety of trainers and different workout styles!

FitOn App
This app offers unlimited free classes spanning everything from cardio to strength training to meditation. You can even get a personalised workout plan – all for free!

Healthy eating and good nutrition

Eating a variety of healthy foods is the key to a well-balanced diet and good nutrition. It keeps our bodies working well and helps prevent diseases.

To help you maintain a balanced diet, read through the resources below:

View the Australian Institute of Sports recipes, supplements advice and nutrition research.
The Victorian Government’s Better Health Channel has lots of fact sheets on healthy eating!
View their guide to eating for a healthy heart!

Good quality sleep

A good night’s rest allows our body to recover at night and be ready to perform at optimum level each and every day. Sleep deficiency can cause a number of physical health problems including heart problems, obesity, and a weakened immune system.

To have a good sleep, try improving your sleep hygiene (habits that help you have a good sleep) with the following tips:

  1. Obey your body clock: Get up at the same time every day to ‘set’ you body clock, you will find you will get tired at the same time each night and go to sleep when you do feel tired.

2. Improve your sleeping environment: Invest in a good mattress, find the right room temperature for you and make sure the room is dark enough at night.

3. Avoid stimulants: Don’t drink caffeine after noon and do any exercise at least 3 hours before bedtime. Reduce or eliminate the use of alcohol or cigarettes.

4. Relax your mind: Create a relaxing routine that puts your mind at ease. Try out Headspace or Calm for mindfulness activities or find something else that works for you!

For more information on sleep, visit:

Check out how we have been promoting physical health!